Virtually Faithful Podcast – Episode 3

Finding Hope

Virtually Faithful Podcast Episode 3 – Finding Hope

It feels like the world is a mess. Many are suffering. It is very easy to start to feel hopeless amidst the many challenges we are facing today. How do we find hope each day to carry on?

In this episode, my sister Michele joins me for a conversation about finding hope amidst our challenges. After surviving many nearly fatal experiences in her younger years, Michele is no stranger to challenges in her life. Today, married with three children and amidst the chaos of a complete home remodel – Michele found herself facing yet another challenge that would lead most to retreat into despair. And yet, Michele is full of hope and lives each day with a positive outlook. 

Hear Michele’s story and gain insight into how she reaches into the depths of her faith to keep her eyes on the true hope we should all learn to continually lean on.

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