This year for the season of Lent, I am stretching my limits, expanding my comfort zone and committing to doing a meditation each day. The goal is to walk the road to Calvary with Jesus. To learn about Him more, see His example of how to live this earthly life and empty ourselves out a bit so He can fill us even more. Each day I will select a prayer, a mystery, a passage, a thought surrounding Jesus’ life, His friends, His mother – that will help us get to know him better. I’d be honored if you’d come along with me on this journey.

Making Tough Decisions That are Tough on You In the midst of the pandemic, parents became teachers overnight. Those who never signed up for homeschooling now had no other choice. As the summer of 2020 lingered, many faced the decision of sending their kids back to school, or not. Would it be safe? Would they […]

Finding Hope It feels like the world is a mess. Many are suffering. It is very easy to start to feel hopeless amidst the many challenges we are facing today. How do we find hope each day to carry on? In this episode, my sister Michele joins me for a conversation about finding hope amidst […]

I don’t really like confrontation. I am a person who needs time to think through and gather my thoughts before responding. I’m not typically quick on my feet to come back with an appropriate answer or quip or pun. When I was managing people in the business world, I liked to have my thoughts bullet-pointed […]

Today was the first time, amidst these 8 + weeks of “sheltering in place” “staying home” “quarantining” – today was the first day I cried. And I had to really think about what it is that made so much emotion swell up within me – enough to make me cry? Today, my 8 year old […]

My Facebook memory today is from seven years ago. It is only three words; three words that transport me back to a very specific time, place and rush of emotion. It was January 2011. We had been planning for the arrival of our twin babies we were adopting from a birth mom in Florida.  We […]

Regret is an awful thing to live with. That feeling of should have… would have… could have… but didn’t.  Thankfully, I don’t have those moments too often.  I feel good about the fact that most of the time I am a “go for it” type of gal.  I’ve jumped off cliffs, traveled alone, zip-lined, danced […]