Virtually Faithful Podcast Episode 1 |Calming the Storm|

I started the Virtually Faithful Facebook Group a little over two years ago – I had moved to a new community, was living in the middle of the country (cows are my neighbors), I suddenly lost my Dad and my uncle and I felt completely wracked with grief and the need for connection – for solace – for support from people of faith. I invited a few friends to join the group and posted a video explaining what I was doing. Before long, there were more than 500 people in the group – loving each other, praying for each other and creating a beautiful community of faith.

My “God voice” has been stronger than ever since moving amidst the fields of corn and beans. I spend lots of time in my car and am often searching for something to listen to – that won’t give me commentary – but just speak love and light and stories of faith in our lives. And I hear God say – “stop searching for it – ‘be’ it.” And so – I have started Virtually Faithful – the podcast.

As with most things in my life – I don’t have a grand plan – but am certain God does. So here I go. My first attempt. I literally recorded this on one take – I pray it will bring peace and joy to someone’s day.

God bless you – and thanks for listening.

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About Katherine MP Smith

40ish wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, Christian, Catholic, sinner, writer and singer. Bringing faith to a virtual world