Virtually Faithful Podcast: Episode 4

Making Tough Decisions That are Tough on You

In the midst of the pandemic, parents became teachers overnight. Those who never signed up for homeschooling now had no other choice. As the summer of 2020 lingered, many faced the decision of sending their kids back to school, or not. Would it be safe? Would they be able to wear a mask all day? Is giving them social connection more important than their health? What’s best for them? 

In this episode, Heather and I discuss what we do when we are confronted with making decisions that don’t seem to have a clear answer or a good outcome for us personally. Where is God in all this struggle and how do we find the path he is asking us to follow?

Virtually Faithful: Episode 4 – Making touch decisions that are tough on you.

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About Katherine MP Smith

40ish wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, Christian, Catholic, sinner, writer and singer. Bringing faith to a virtual world