Virtually Faithful – Lenten Reflections – Day 1

This year for the season of Lent, I am stretching my limits, expanding my comfort zone and committing to doing a meditation each day. The goal is to walk the road to Calvary with Jesus. To learn about Him more, see His example of how to live this earthly life and empty ourselves out a bit so He can fill us even more. Each day I will select a prayer, a mystery, a passage, a thought surrounding Jesus’ life, His friends, His mother – that will help us get to know him better. I’d be honored if you’d come along with me on this journey.

Today – we start with the first Joyful Mystery – The Annunciation.

Happy Ash Wednesday.

God bless

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About Katherine MP Smith

40ish wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, Christian, Catholic, sinner, writer and singer. Bringing faith to a virtual world