Virtually Faithful Podcast: Episode 5 – Feasting and Fasting

Episode 5 – Feasting & Fasting – My Unexpected Journey With Intermittent Fasting

It’s been more than 9 months since I’ve done a podcast – but maybe this journey will explain why. In November of 2020, after years of yo-yo dieting and self-loathing, I hit rock bottom when my quarantine feasting had led me to an all-time high on the scale accompanied by serious aches and pains that had me very concerned for my health.   A major life event was a wake-up call and I began intermittent fasting through a program I found on Facebook.  Little did I expect that this new “health kick” would not only be so different for my physical body but also for my spiritual self.  This podcast takes listeners on my journey over the past year with food and God and the events that have led me closer to a healthier relationship with both. 

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About Katherine MP Smith

40ish wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, Christian, Catholic, sinner, writer and singer. Bringing faith to a virtual world