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Does everyone think their Dad is amazing? A hero? The smartest man on earth? Well – I’m not naive to think that everyone is blessed to have the type of father that the sun rises and sets in his children’s eyes – but I am fortunate to know that I have that man in my […]

I’ve been struggling for days.  I’ve wanted to write special thoughts about Mother’s Day. And I can’t seem to sum it all up. How do I wrap up all the emotions of the word “Mother” into one quick snapshot on a blog? This may be a very poor attempt. But I am going to give […]

I run. I have for about 6 years now. And yet, I still hesitate to call myself a runner. My sweet running buddies would roll their eyes and disagree (as good friends will). But it’s a mindset for me, not a title. Owning the status of runner is hard for me.  I was that girl […]

I’m on day 29 so I am definitely not a Whole30 guru by any means.  But, I’ve had many friends say they are going to start and have asked if I have any tips. This is my lazy way of not having to repeat myself as well as having a reminder that I can always […]

It’s funny. When people hear I’m doing a Whole30, the highest response I get is… “There is no way I could live without my coffee creamer.” It’s really not funny though. Not having the luxurious dairy divinity making my coffee a caramel-colored piece of heaven is no laughing matter.  I have felt (and some mornings still do feel) […]

I had big dreams when I “retired” from my out-of-home career that I would become more amazingly fit and healthy than I had ever been. I started going to yoga. I continued running. I swam, I went to spin (a few times), I even started to contemplate meditation to complete my mind / body / […]

So, as I start this new life – I find myself applying many of my ‘work’ tactics towards the everyday of being a stay-at-home mom and wife.  When I worked at my agency – I was focused on profitability, new business development, creating sustainable plans and creative marketing tactics for my clients, elevating my staff […]

When I told people I was “retiring” from my business, a funny look came over most peoples’ faces.  Each with a little different emotion behind the contortion of their features, but the same question resulted from nearly every person. It didn’t matter if they had a warm smile hidden underneath or a confused furrowed brow […]