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Dear Charlie, From the time I was a little girl, I spun tales of make believe about you. I kissed my dolls and prayed that God would make my dreams come true. When Dad and I first married, it seemed you might never come; We lost an angel and I grieved, thinking maybe I wasn’t meant […]

Here I am, basking in the glow of one of the greatest nights of sports history. The Cubs won the World Series – 108 years in the making. No matter what team you root for, everyone can agree what happened November 2, 2016 was historic.  My Facebook feed is full of awestruck, speechless, tear-filled, emotional posts – […]

Does everyone think their Dad is amazing? A hero? The smartest man on earth? Well – I’m not naive to think that everyone is blessed to have the type of father that the sun rises and sets in his children’s eyes – but I am fortunate to know that I have that man in my […]

I’ve been struggling for days.  I’ve wanted to write special thoughts about Mother’s Day. And I can’t seem to sum it all up. How do I wrap up all the emotions of the word “Mother” into one quick snapshot on a blog? This may be a very poor attempt. But I am going to give […]

I run. I have for about 6 years now. And yet, I still hesitate to call myself a runner. My sweet running buddies would roll their eyes and disagree (as good friends will). But it’s a mindset for me, not a title. Owning the status of runner is hard for me.  I was that girl […]

I’m on day 29 so I am definitely not a Whole30 guru by any means.  But, I’ve had many friends say they are going to start and have asked if I have any tips. This is my lazy way of not having to repeat myself as well as having a reminder that I can always […]

It’s funny. When people hear I’m doing a Whole30, the highest response I get is… “There is no way I could live without my coffee creamer.” It’s really not funny though. Not having the luxurious dairy divinity making my coffee a caramel-colored piece of heaven is no laughing matter.  I have felt (and some mornings still do feel) […]

I had big dreams when I “retired” from my out-of-home career that I would become more amazingly fit and healthy than I had ever been. I started going to yoga. I continued running. I swam, I went to spin (a few times), I even started to contemplate meditation to complete my mind / body / […]

So, as I start this new life – I find myself applying many of my ‘work’ tactics towards the everyday of being a stay-at-home mom and wife.  When I worked at my agency – I was focused on profitability, new business development, creating sustainable plans and creative marketing tactics for my clients, elevating my staff […]

When I told people I was “retiring” from my business, a funny look came over most peoples’ faces.  Each with a little different emotion behind the contortion of their features, but the same question resulted from nearly every person. It didn’t matter if they had a warm smile hidden underneath or a confused furrowed brow […]