love, hate, and Whole30

I had big dreams when I “retired” from my out-of-home career that I would become more amazingly fit and healthy than I had ever been. I started going to yoga. I continued running. I swam, I went to spin (a few times), I even started to contemplate meditation to complete my mind / body / spirit transformation. And through all this, after several months of “being at home” (which I never am) – I am still the same weight and physique. 

So let’s be honest.  I have a love affair with food. Good food. And good (sometimes great) wine. I’m not a habitual McDonalds eater or a big bag of Doritos girl (although I do enjoy Cool Ranch every now and then). I love succulent, rich , indulgent foods like pasta with my husbands amazing pesto cream sauce and prosciutto accompanied by the most taste-bud-exploding glass of Cabernet you can buy at the Kroger on a Wednesday night. I love short ribs, butter sauces, and hazelnut creamer in my perfect cup of Nespresso my husband makes for me every morning. (Yes I’m so insanely spoiled – my husband is amazing and cooks and brings my coffee to me. But back to food.). Food is emotion for me. It is comfort. It is happiness. It is the pat on the back at the end of a long day as I sip that ruby red vino. My parents love food, my husband loves food, my kids love food. Food is how I connect with people. We host Thanskgiving for 40 and Sunday dinners (the old fashioned mid- afternoon meal that lasts for hours). 

For me …. Food is love 

And hate.

I hate finding something to wear to a big event.  I hate tight pants and uncomfortable bra straps. (Sorry-  this is called honesty). I hate trying on clothes in a store. That’s why I signed up for Stitch Fix and now I’ve even come to dread that box of goodies delivered to my door. And let’s not even talk about shorts. I hate shorts. 

So for what seems the one-millionth time, I asked myself – what are you going to DO about this?? This is ridiculous. I run half marathons but can’t control my food intake. I ran a multi-million dollar company but I can’t manage my waistline? What is the problem?

Well, according to Whole30  – it’s sugar. Processed foods with sugar of all forms. I’m addicted. And I tend to believe it. 

So I’m on day 3 of a Whole30. If you don’t know what it is, I encourage you to go to The whole30 website and investigate. 

I’m eating clean. I have not cheated. (Honestly- I have always cheated on every diet or program I’ve ever done).  So far I’m feeling good. Today (Friday) I struggled as I mourned the loss of my wine. Friday night wine – oh how I love thee. But my (amazing) husband is taking the plunge with me and even ate cauliflower tonight without gagging. Bless his heart. 

I am committed to ending my affair with food and embarking on a more healthy relationship. (Like the one I have with my amazing husband)  I know 30 days won’t fix a lifetime of love and hate but it’s a good start in the right direction. 


Let’s call this my before Whole30 picture. 

10 thoughts on “love, hate, and Whole30

  1. Girlfriend, if that’s your before picture, I need your scale. You’re beautiful regardless but once I can go shopping, I’m in it with ya!


  2. I love reading this as you write what I’m thinking! Must be the reason we are such good friends! I have the book and am jumping in right when we get back from vacation. Some gals at work have done it and feel amazing. You are an inspiration Kath, so keep blogging! We can get together this summer and rave about how good we feel!


    1. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, dear friend. We are smart, strong women that can control our fire breathing sugar dragon! Enjoy vacation and congratulations and making the decision to jump in!


  3. Nicely said. And so relatable. I’m also eating clean. Following the 21 Day Fix meal plan, which incorporates a lot of Whole30 concepts but also looks at portioning. I’ve been doing it for a month and feel so much better without all the blood sugar highs and lows. It’s not always easy, food prep can be overwhelming, but after a month I feel like like I finally have a handle on it. Good luck as you continue on your path of wellness.


  4. Girl…you HIT the nail on the head with your words as the hammer!!!! You wrote so truthfully and took the words right out of my brain. I read this to my husband with tears spilling down my face saying THIS is what most of us women think and feel about ourselves & food!! I am so proud of you for doing this and I hope you continue to blog and we can all be in this together & use it to encourage one another. I began eating paleo in June 2015 and have lost 70 lbs. by getting rid of the sugar, flour, dairy, processed/chemical laden foods and feel the best I’ve felt in several years. And you are right sugar is an addiction. ..our nutritionist showed us the brain scan of a heroine addict when the drug was shown to them and a person who loves sugar was given a dessert and the brain response was identical! So…keep it up and keep it going and remember it is not a diet it is a new lifestyle. Thanks for being the voice of many!! ♡♡ Jill Cook


    1. Oh girl… Thank you for the kid words. Honesty about ourselves is hard especially when it comes to food. I am so incredibly proud of you. You inspire me. I definitely know this is so much more than a 30 day journey. Thank you for boosting my journey with love.


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