Rat’s Patooty

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. I just couldn’t find the perfect thing to write so I’ve stayed quiet.  I keep trying to put a label on what I’m doing here… This blog thing. Is it about me and my insecurities and how I conquer them?  Is it about weight? Is it about the love and faith in my life? Is it about how I left the working world for stay at home(ha!) world? Is it about how I try to put the fun in the disfunction of each day? 

Yes. It is. 

But, why am I writing this and why does anyone give a rat’s patooty about all my life junk? 

I had coffee with a friend recently (I get to do that now that I am the goddess of this domain), and she commented that I had been blogging. Sheepishly I nodded, and said I wasn’t sure what it was. And that I felt pretty naked and exposed putting all my thoughts out there. And she said – “but what if it’s the exact thing someone needs to hear at the exact moment they need to hear it?” Whoa… 

The Chewbaka Mom, Candace Payne, has mezmorized me over the past few days. As if her infectious laughter that could light the world wasn’t enough, I caught a glimpse of a speaking engagement she did at a Regional Fine Arts event in Texas just days after her simple joy went viral. (YES! She’s a musical theatre geek like me!! I really think we might have been separated at birth.) She spoke to this room full of 16 year old kids and gave them advice about using their talents for the betterment of God’s kingdom (meaning you 😍 whether you believe in God or not). And I heard my friends voice from the barstool at the coffee shop. And I thought; for God’s sake – use your talents. Stop waiting for the perfect thing to write. Stop wondering if people will like it, or share it, or be proud of you for accomplishing something in your day other than the laundry. Having a  talent and using it for the right reasons is not a sin; it’s not boastful or braggadocious. But being talented and not using it because you are fearful of what others may think or how they will react – now that’s sinful. 

So I’m sitting here, on my daughters pink step stool, crouched in a corner in my bathroom, stealing 5 minutes to recommit to using my talents. 

I’m back. 

How have you been?  I’ve missed you. 

4 thoughts on “Rat’s Patooty

  1. You have been deeply missed!! 😉 I so look forward to your blogs because you give words to the voices inside MY head that I don’t have the talent to express like you do so please keep the blog train rolling!

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  2. As your friend said, “but what if it’s the exact thing someone needs to hear at the exact moment they need to hear it?”. Sometimes it helps to know you (the reader) aren’t alone in the struggles of daily life. Keep sharing! ❤

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